Roof Replacement Lakeland Fl

For a roof replacement, Lakeland Fl property owners have key decisions to make before engaging a roofer and selecting new roof options for their structures. Roofing Contractors Lakeland Fl is experienced with the roofing issues typical for Florida properties, from unforgiving sun rays to strong winds, slow-damaging humidity and even lightning strikes. We have the expertise to assist in every step of the process.

Deciding on a roof replacement for properties in Lakeland or nearby communities like Winter Haven can result in a beautiful, more valuable and well-protected structure. We understand types of properties in the Greater Tampa Bay region and the myriad of roof system options for owners to choose from – from the most-typical asphalt shingles to tile or metal roofs.

Considerations for a Roof Replacement in the Lakeland, Fl Area

Our experience with roof replacements in Lakeland, Fl and nearby is that customers most often look for the same things, like longevity, protection, visual beauty and value. They want a roof that will be effective the 30 years most systems are said to last. They want protection of their property from the many severe environmental elements Central Florida has to contend with.

Roofing Contractors Lakeland Fl works closely with customers to determine the needs of a property, and match those needs with an owners’ desires. We have great knowledge of the various types of roof products, such as colors ranging from ultra-colorful to earth tone, as well as which brands are known for producing quality roofing products.

Property owners in the region want the strongest, best-looking roof, at a fair price. It is important to note that a roof replacement is a key improvement that can increase the overall value of a property. Our goal is to help you invest as wisely as possible.

Choosing the Type of Roof Replacement for Lakeland Properties

Most people underestimate the power of the sun with regard to damaging a roof. In fact, sunshine and punishing ultraviolet rays are among the top threats for a roof system. Tack on the humidity known in the Central Florida region and it’s a recipe for shortened roof lifespans. Understand this: the greater Tampa Bay area enjoys on average 246 days of sunshine each year, way more than the national average of 205 days.

The elements are especially hard on the typical shingle-based roof systems (often called asphalt roofing shingles). These are among the most-used in North America because they are not as expensive as other roof product options. These shingles use asphalt to stick together and waterproof the roof system, and installation is relatively easy for roofing crews.

For more protection, more and more property owners are going with a metal roof, or roof tiles. The benefits of metal roofs (over asphalt shingles, for instance): they are typically longer-lasting, are more cost-effective, perform well in extreme weather conditions, and are more environmentally friendly. A roof made of Spanish tiles can be beautiful and last longer than asphalt shingles, but the tiles are prone to breaking if wind-blown branches or child-thrown toys strike them. Costs for roof repairs can be a major consideration depending on the neighborhood.

How to Know it’s Time for a Roof Replacement

Keen property owners will learn what they face when roof issues arise. For example, water leaks are the most common cause of calls for roof inspections – but visible holes are not always the cause. Water leaks through roofs rarely show directly under the problem area. Water trickles often cling to attic beams or other parts of the structure, and surface in locations away from the trouble spot. Connection points, damaged flashings and other problems can allow leaks.

Roof repairs can address most leaks, though – as long as owners don’t let too many linger. Here are other problems:

  • Granules, or man-made items like nails, in gutters. Granules, looking like sand particles, indicate asphalt shingles are deteriorating and shedding the little rock particles on top that help a roof system provide protection.
  • Loose nails. Finding roofing nails on the ground around your property or in gutters is not the sign of a healthy roof system.
  • Pieces of shingles or tiles on the ground. Strong winds can free loose or broken pieces of a roof, and too many can make the roof look bad to the eye – let alone what it means for protecting your property.

Summary of Roof Replacement Lakeland Fl

Roof replacement requests are common in Central Florida, and Roofing Contractors Lakeland Fl provides significant experience and knowledge of various types of properties in the region – and solutions to address roofing challenges. Contact us today for an inspection and a quote. We do everything from roof replacements to roof repairs, gutter replacements and gutter repairs, and home additions and home remodels.