Metal Roof Lakeland Fl

Think about a metal roof for Lakeland Fl and nearby neighborhoods. The climate of Central Florida takes a toll on roof systems in the area, drying them out, weakening joints, loosening nails, blowing shingles to the ground and more. Metal roofing systems are becoming a more popular property-protection option these days, according to many experts. Though at one time it was a popular choice for residential homes. That’s because recycled scrap metal, of the average metal roof.

In the greater Tampa Bay region, weather systems punish our roofs. Harsh ultraviolet rays dry out shingles and asphalt, hard rains thoroughly soak roof parts, and winds blow broken and loose pieces to the ground. On top of these reasons for metal roofing, there is environmental considerations. Most metal roofing is installed right atop old roofs, keeping tons of roof debris from filling landfills. Many metal roof materials are made of recycled materials, too.

Roofing Contractors Lakeland Fl has roofing professionals experienced with the most modern metal roof installation practices. We work closely with our customers every step of the process to ensure we clearly understand their needs and desires, and they understand the differences between roofing systems including metal roofs.

Why Metal Roofs in Lakeland, Fl and Nearby


In Polk County and the greater Tampa Bay area, why would owners of residential, commercial or business properties choose new metal roofing? The main reasons are superior durability, energy savings and limited maintenance. Additionally, the number of metal roofs  grows each year. Gone are the days where only barns donned the flat corrugated tin roofs. Today, residents of Lakeland Fl and nearby can add a metal roof with color and style.

Roof systems fail for a number of reasons, among them age. Probably the biggest cause of roof system failure is climate. Central Florida’s climate is harsh on roofs, and many property owners over the years have lamented going with the traditional asphalt shingles because they don’t fare well over time under extreme heat, humidity and winds.

Asphalt shingle roofs can be more affordable, but metal roofing is known to be much longer lasting. Most non-metal roof systems have to be replaced every 20 or 30 years – sometimes even sooner. Metal roofing can last as long as 70 years. For property owners uninterested in re-roofing again, the metal option is attractive.

Then, add to that modern advances in metal roof technology. Metal roofs are now available in a wide variety of shades and colors, and distinctive styles can emulate ocean waves, or soft patterns, and more. The metals involved are not just tin or aluminum, but today also zinc, copper or galvanized steel. Check some Pros and cons of metal roofs for your home. Many modern metal roofing products come specially coated to prevent rust; and if installed . Ask a Roofing Contractors Lakeland Fl professional for more details about which type and style of metal roof might be best for your home or business property.

Final Words on Metal Roofing in Lakeland Fl and Beyond

Metal roofs are a solid and increasingly popular choice of a roof system for properties in the Lakeland, Fla. region. While metal roofing materials and installations are more costly, the investment to protect your valuable property below could well be worth it. Metal roofs bounce harmful ultraviolet rays back at the sun, keeping interiors below them cooler and reducing air conditioning costs. Ask us about the long-term benefits of a metal roof in the Lakeland area, and together let’s discuss your roofing needs in detail.