Commercial Roofing at a Glance

Commercial roofing differs greatly from residential roofing for many, many reasons. First and foremost, these types of roof repairs or re-roofs are purely a business decision. Business property owners want long-term protection from the elements, along with durability to avoid repairs, and maybe some energy savings if a white or cool-roof system is installed.

Roofing Contractor Lakeland Fl is a preferred commercial roofing contractor in Polk County for a number of reasons, including:

  • Experience. We have familiarity and knowledge of the nuances with commercial roofing in the Greater Tampa Bay area – namely with the tough weather conditions so familiar to local property owners.
  • Counsel. We can advise property owners of the best roofing material for their property, such as long-lasting metal roofs that avoid constant repairs and actually bounce harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) back at the sun, reducing energy costs needed for air-conditioning.
  • Options. We have significant experience with an up-and-coming type of roof material: metal roofs. While metal roof material and installation might cost more than other roofing materials, they last twice as long and are much less prone to ongoing repair work.
  • Specialization. All we do is roofing repairs and replacements. We are not a generalist contractor, with energies spread all over property improvement demands.

Specific to Lakeland Fl

As noted above, the climate and weather conditions of Polk County and the Greater Tampa Bay area are among the toughest in the nation for roof systems. The area gets more than 250 days of sunshine annually, much higher than the national average of just more than 200. The sun is probably the biggest enemy of roof systems, with UV rays wreaking havoc and sunshine drying out shingles and other roof materials so they break down faster than normal.

Then there’s the humidity and winds. As with sunshine, humidity moistens roof materials consistently, like dripping water slowly onto a wood plank. Eventually and almost without noticing the wood is soaked – and prone to damage. Then, damages shingles or tiles are very vulnerable to strong winds, which come often in Central Florida. Coastal areas get consistent strong gusts, and don’t even think about hurricane season.

All told, it’s imperative for a commercial property owner to be very cognizant of roof inspections and maintenance, and repairs when needed as soon as possible. Neglecting a commercial building roof can prove disastrous and costly.

Options for Commercial Roof Systems

Unlike residential roofs, most commercial roof systems are flat, which presents its own set of challenges. Chief among them is water runoff – new roofs must be installed with precision so rain runoff drains properly. Leaks very often are caused by water pooling up top. Additionally, seams must be very well sealed, and leak protection measures applied to the very many structures seen atop commercial roofs like large air-conditioning units.

There are many options today for roofs that will last very long with a reduced need for ongoing maintenance. Metal roof systems come to mind. Also, new roofing technology allows a new type of roof system where melted PVC plastic can be sprayed atop commercial buildings, effectively sealing all leak trouble spots. Ask us about options for the specifics of your businesses roof.

Benefits of a New Roof for your Business

Installing a new roof for a commercial building not only protects the investment long-term, but adds value to the structure. Most modern roof systems are made of materials that, among numerous benefits, bounce UR rays right back at the sun, reducing the need for air-conditioning underneath and inside. Many modern roof materials also are made from technologically advanced materials, like composites which can tend to last longer than old wood.

Probably the biggest benefit is protection from moisture. Wetness is constant in Central Florida, whether from humidity, or rains which can come suddenly and in downpours at times. Constant rain means potential pooling of water on flat roofs – a true threat to any roof system.

Help with Your Commercial Roofing Needs

Roofing Contractor Lakeland Fl has significant experience with commercial roofing projects in Lakeland and throughout Polk County. We provide specialized roofing services, meaning roofs are all we focus on. Because of this we have invested greatly in infrastructure and tools needed to complete roofing projects with precision and with the most advanced roof installation techniques.

As noted above, it’s very important to find a roofing contractor familiar with the nuances of the Central Florida climate – and knowledgeable about all the roofing materials and roof system types available for any structure.